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Figure 2

From: Inducing extra copies of the Hsp70 gene in Drosophila melanogaster increases energetic demand

Figure 2

Effect of Hsp70 copy number genotype on metabolic rate during and after induction of Hsp70 . A. The rise in metabolic rate during 36°C exposure (Rise in MR), calculated as the difference between the maxMR and the 36°C RMR, differs significantly among Hsp70 genotypes (F=11.7, P<0.0001). The rise in metabolic rate of larvae with 12 copies of Hsp70 is significantly greater than that of larvae with 3 copies (P Tukey =0.00003) or 6 copies of Hsp70 (P Tukey =0.013) (N=23 replicate pools of larvae per genotype). B. After exposure to 36°C, larvae from all genotypes returned to a 22°C RMR that was lower than their initial 22°C RMR, and they failed to fully recover their initial 22°C RMR for the duration of the experiment. For each pool of larvae, we calculated the % Recovery of 22°C RMR as the mean metabolic rate 95-115 minutes after returning to 22°C divided by the initial 22°C RMR (prior to 36°C exposure). Plotted are the means of this % recovery statistic (± SE) for each genotype. Asterisks indicate that the difference in metabolic rate before and after 36°C exposure is significantly different from zero (Paired t-test, *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001).

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