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Figure 3

From: The genetic structure of a Venturia inaequalis population in a heterogeneous host population composed of different Malusspecies

Figure 3

The spatial interpolation map showing differences in the admixture population derived from the TESS assignment to two different clusters. Given the two assumed clusters, the results for the avrRvi6 dataset (a) and the virRvi6 dataset (b) are only shown for the first cluster assignment. The strains collected from non-Rvi6 hosts are represented by a diamond: M. sieversii (blue), M. sylvestris (purple), M. coronaria (green), M. x purpurea (light blue), M. baccata (yellow), M. ioensis (red) and M. x zumi (pink). The strains collected from Rvi6 hosts are represented by a circle: M. x floribunda (brown), M. baccata (yellow) and M. ioensis (red).

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