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Figure 1

From: The genetic structure of a Venturia inaequalis population in a heterogeneous host population composed of different Malusspecies

Figure 1

The orchard map of Malus hosts where V. inaequalis strains were sampled. Non-Rvi6 host genotypes are represented by a diamond: M. sieversii (blue), M. sylvestris (purple), M. coronaria (green), M. x purpurea (light blue), M. baccata (yellow), M. ioensis (red) and M. x zumi (pink). Rvi6 host genotypes are represented by a circle: M. x floribunda (brown), M. baccata (yellow) and M. ioensis (red). Other Malus species or hybrids not sampled (infected or not) are represented by grey squares.

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