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Table 1 Results from tests for an early burst of diversification in the predominately pelagic focal clade

From: Explosive diversification following a benthic to pelagic shift in freshwater fishes

Locus γ MCCR p-value TD p-value ∆AIC p-value Best model
Cytb -7.59 < 0.001 < 0.001 < 0.001 DDL
Rag1 -2.55 < 0.058 0.005 0.024 Y2R
  1. These results represent the analyses carried out on the Cytb and Rag1 MCC gene trees. The “best model” indicates the best-fit model of cladogenesis chosen for this clade based on AIC scores. (MCCR = Monte Carlo constant rates test, TD tree deviation test, DDL density dependent logistic, Y2R Yule 2-rate).