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Figure 1

From: Evolutionary history of bovine endogenous retroviruses in the Bovidae family

Figure 1

Phylogenetic tree of ERVs detected in Bos genera. Neighbor-Joining tree (p-distance, pairwaise deletion and 1000 bootstrap) of 300 ERVs from cattle (named as Btau and in black), 156 from zebu (named as Bind and in dark blue), 70 from yak (named as Bgru and in light blue), 24 of bovine ERV families (in bold) and 11 “markers” (in bold). ZAM element from Drosophila was used as root. In the case of ERVs from cattle the chromosome and position are showed; in the case of ERVs from zebu and yak the gi number of the contig and position are showed. Clusters of ERVs from Bos species are marked with an arrow and labeled with a number.

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