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Figure 5

From: Evolution and divergence of the mammalian SAMD9/SAMD9L gene family

Figure 5

Mammalian SAMD9 and SAMD9L deduced proteins isoelectric points (pI). The grey bars correspond to the SAMD9 deduced proteins pI, the blue bars to the SAMD9L deduced proteins pI and the yellow bar to the opossum (Modo) SAMD9L deduced protein pI. The abbreviations correspond to the following species common names: Hosa - Human; Patr - Common chimpanzee; Gogo - Western gorilla; Poab - Sumatran orangutan; Nole - Northern white-cheeked gibbon; Mamu - Rhesus monkey; Bota - Cow; Susc - Pig; Eqca - Horse; Mylu - Little brown myotis; Orcu - European rabbit; Rano - Brown rat; Crgr - Chinese hamster; Capo - Domestic Guinea pig; Soar - Common shrew; Caja - Common marmoset; Loaf - African bush elephant; Calu - Domestic dog; Aime - Giant panda; Ereu - West European hedgehog; Mumu - House mouse; Modo - Grey short-tailed opossum. To access the species scientific names, the list of abbreviations should be consulted.

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