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Figure 7

From: Structural and evolutionary adaptation of rhoptry kinases and pseudokinases, a family of coccidian virulence factors

Figure 7

Contrasting sites between ROPK and PK: C-lobe WC motif and loss of Glu constraint. (A) and (B) Structures of ROP2 and ROP5 with WC motif and ROPK-conserved disulfide bridge residues shown in “sticks” representation. (C) Sequence logos of F helix region in ROPK (top) and ePK (bottom), with contrasting sites highlighted. (D) PKA, a representative typical protein kinase, with equivalent residues shown as sticks. (E) CDK2, another typical protein kinase. The “CMGC insert” occurs in the α GαH loop but does not perform the same structural role as the ROPK-specific insert in the same region.

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