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Table 3 Rapidly evolving sex-associated genes in the global model, and/or in the branch delineating Neurospora intermedia

From: Analyses of expressed sequence tags in Neurosporareveal rapid evolution of genes associated with the early stages of sexual reproduction in fungi

Gene One ratio dN/dS Putative function/Conserved domains E-valuea
NCU01720b 0.583 Glycosyl hydrolase catalytic core protein 2e-49
NCU02916 0.233 Endoglucanase II, glycosyl hydrolase family 61 1e-94
NCU03013b 0.386 Anchored cell wall protein-10, Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase 2e-44
NCU03584b 0.176 Polyketide synthase 0
NCU03861 0.245 Glutaminase A 0
NCU04034 0.261 Hypothetical protein, 4 transmembrane domains -
NCU04628 0.442 C2H2-type zinc finger domain protein 6e-44
NCU04645 0.178 Hypothetical protein, DUF124 domain-containing protein 5e-45
NCU04730 0.168 Post-transcriptional silencing protein QDE-2 0
NCU05191 0.252 Hypothetical protein, signal peptide, 2 transmembrane domains, GPI-anchor -
NCU05861 0.161 NF-X1 finger and DNA/RNA helicase domain protein 0
NCU06387b 0.531 Hypothetical protein -
NCU07311b 0.379 Hypothetical protein, signal peptide, 3 transmembrane domains -
NCU07743 0.244 Taurine catabolism dioxygenase TauD 1e-81
NCU07888 0.198 Pleckstrin homology domain-containing protein 2e-40
NCU08435 0.379 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 0
NCU08986 0.257 Hypothetical protein -
NCU09099 0.267 Hypothetical protein, signal peptide, GPI-anchor -
NCU09357c 0.349 ATPase, DNA/RNA helicase, nonsense-mediated mRNA decay protein 0
NCU09575 0.180 Sterol esterase 0
  1. a E-value originate from BLASTP analysis of NCBI nr database, or from the SMART protein analysis tool. E-values > 1e-10 are not reported.
  2. b Candidate genes selected for further examination for site-specific positive selection by sequencing and analysis of additional heterothallic species of Neurospora.
  3. c This gene only had a significantly higher than mean dN/dS for the branch delineating N. intermedia.