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Figure 4

From: Phylogenetic estimation error can decrease the accuracy of species delimitation: a Bayesian implementation of the general mixed Yule-coalescent model

Figure 4

Comparing Methodological Approaches. Legend: We compared the new Bayesian implementation with the Likelihood method, with the effect of varying priors, and the inclusion of phylogenetic uncertainty. 4A shows Akaike Weights from the Likelihood method at each threshold point (gray circles), posterior probabilities given a U(0,2) prior (black triangles) and a U(0,1,2) prior (black crosses) on the Yule rate-change parameter. All three results were calculated from the maximum clade credibility tree. 4B shows the same results, except the posterior probabilities were calculated by running the analysis on 100 trees sampled from the posterior distribution of trees generated in BEAST.

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