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Figure 1

From: Evolution of Parallel Spindles Like genes in plants and highlight of unique domain architecture#

Figure 1

Potato PSL gene family. (A) PSL1 gene structure (PSL1_gen) with UTRs reported in red, exons in orange and introns in grey is showed together with the schematic alignment of the cloned cDNAs and PSL1_gen sequences, with exons in white, introns in grey and nucleotide differences respect to PSL1_gen as vertical black lines. (B) Maximum Likelihood phylogenetic tree of PSL cDNAs is reported with bootstrap values for each node and branch lengths measured in bootstrap values. (C) The distance in terms of number of different nucleotides is reported for the cloned PSL cDNAs. (D) Schematic representation of PSL predicted proteins obtained after in silico translation of the corresponding cDNAs showing FHA and PINc domains as ovals and exagons, respectively.

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