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Figure 2

From: Molecular evolution of a gene cluster of serine proteases expressed in the Anopheles gambiae female reproductive tract

Figure 2

50% majority-rule consensus bayesian (unrooted) trees of a) AGAP005194, b) AGAP005195, c) AGAP005196. Posterior probabilities of clades discussed in the text are reported above nodes. Nodes supported by a posterior probabilities ≥ 0.95 are indicated by *. Branches leading to single individuals (or included in specific-lineages) are depicted with species-specific colours: A. gambiae (blue), A. arabiensis (yellow), A. quadriannulatus (violet), A. melas (green), A. merus (red); monophyletic clades are shaded accordingly. The value of ω (> 1) in AGAP005196 is reported below the branch separating the A. gambiae-like from the A. melas-like groups of alleles (enclosed in dashed and contiguous lines, respectively). In all trees, branch lengths are scaled according to nucleotide substitutions per site.

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