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Figure 1

From: Recent evolution of the NF-κB and inflammasome regulating protein POP2 in primates

Figure 1

POP2 is absent from the genomes of mice, rats, and other domestic mammals. A. Translated BLAST searches of the human, horse, dog, pig, cat, rat, and mouse genome were performed with the POP2 protein sequence. The protein sequence of the PYD for the four POP2 PYD related sequences in human are shown as are those sequences with the highest similarity to POP2 identified from each of the other genomes examined. All the identified sequences represent NLRP genes. Chr, chromosomal location. Shading represents conservation (either identity (black) or functionally similar (gray)) at given positions in >50% of aligned sequences. Percent identity/similarity and expect values are shown at right to the aligned sequences.

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