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Figure 6

From: Conversion events in gene clusters

Figure 6

Examples of conversion events in the human α-globin cluster. As in Figure 4, the blue underlays represent regions involved in conversions (either as donor or recipient), while the black and brown lines plot the percent identity between the human paralogs and between one paralog and its ortholog in the indicated outgroup species, respectively. (A) depicts a region surrounding the α1 gene whose paralog contains α2. Here, the displayed region was the donor, and the conversion covers most of the paralog. The lack of unconverted flanking region on the left prevents CHAP's original detection criterion from working in this case, but the event is detected using a new alternative criterion. (B) shows a conversion observation between paralogs containing the α3 pseudogene and the α2 gene. In this case, the paralog containing the pseudogene (shown as an empty box in the exons panel here) was the recipient, but the converted region did not actually include any parts of the α2 gene.

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