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Figure 5

From: Conversion events in gene clusters

Figure 5

Detected conversion events in the human β-globin cluster. The conversion events detected by CHAP in the human β-globin cluster are depicted, as displayed using Gmaj. The upper plot panel displays a pip (percent identity plot), similar to those in Figure 4. The lower one shows the dot-plot for a self-alignment of the human cluster. Each conversion event is marked in blue on a local alignment of two paralogous regions. Our results show conversion events in all of the genes, and also the pseudogene η (some are very small and difficult to see at this scale, but are evident when zooming in with Gmaj). The conversion between the γ1 and γ2 genes covers their non-genic flanking regions as well. Note that repeated conversion events can occur in the same paralogous pair with different boundaries. Here, the δ-β conversion appears to cover both the first and second exons (which is more than in Figure 4A) because of an older, wider conversion between these paralogs that was detected when galago and dog were used as outgroups.

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