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Figure 4

From: Evolutionary history and stress regulation of the lectin superfamily in higher plants

Figure 4

Phylogenetic analysis and evolutionary dynamics of the lectin superfamily. (A) Phylogenetic analysis of the B-lectin family members in Soybean, rice and Arabidopsis. B-lectin domain amino acid sequences were employed to construct phylogenetic tree using the bootstrap method with a heuristic search of the PAUP 4.0b8 program. Generated trees were similar to those from Bayesian analyses. Ancestral units were defined according to Shiu et al (2004) [68]. Red circles represent the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) units between soybean and Arabidopsis and black circles indicate the MRCA units among soybean, Arabidopsis and rice. (B) The MRCA analyses in all 12 lectin families.

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