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Figure 3

From: New insights into the evolution of subtilisin-like serine protease genes in Pezizomycotina

Figure 3

Phylogeny based on subtilisin-like serine protease genes from nematode-trapping fungi used for ML analysis in PAML and Bn-Bs. Maximum parsimony (MP), neighbor-joining (NJ), maximum-likelihood (ML) and Bayesian tree reconstructions of the subtilisin-like serine protease gene sequences of clade D presented similar overall topologies. The bootstrap values of each branch for different methodologies are indicated (Bayesian/ML/NJ/MP). The symbol (*) indicates distinct topological arrangements. The thick branches indicate the branch with a significant LRT in the PAML branch analysis. After calculation using Bn-Bs, only branch f (Z = 3.66320) was significant.

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