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Figure 4

From: Signatures of selection in loci governing major colour patterns in Heliconius butterflies and related species

Figure 4

Estimated ω values of HmYb candidate genes across various Heliconiini lineages. Background and lineage-specific ω values were calculated for gene sequences amplified from various Heliconius species and races. Background ω values, calculated using the one-ratio model in CODEML, are indicated at the base of each unrooted tree. Bolded branches indicate the major polymorphic clades for wing pattern (H. melpomene, H. erato, H. numata). The topology of each tree was generated using amplified gene sequences by maximum likelihood. The multiple ratios model was used to estimate lineage specific ω values for the focal polymorphic species, H. melpomene, H. numata, and H. erato for three selected genes in the HmYb region: trehalase 1A (A), HM00021 (B), LRR (C). In addition to amplified sequences, BAC sequences are included and indicated by shorthand: Hera (H. erato), Hnum (H. numata), Hmel (H. melpomene). The number of coding nucleotide bases successfully sequenced and used in PAML analyses is shown over the gene total.

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