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Figure 2

From: Conservation and divergence of ADAM family proteins in the Xenopus genome

Figure 2

Synteny analyses of human and X. tropicalis ADAM genes. A-J) Synteny of most ADAM genes is conserved between human and X. tropicalis. K) The adam7/28/adamdec1 gene cluster in human is replaced by four tandem adam28 homologues in the X. tropicalis genome. L) The syntenic region surrounding adam8 in human separates into two fragments in the X. tropicalis genome, and adam8 seems to be lost. Chicken and fish (takifugu) genes are included in K and L for comparison, and results obtained from medaka and stickleback are similar to takifugu (not shown). ADAM and ADAMDEC1 genes are shown in grey, and orthologues are connected with a vertical line. Orthologues of other genes are shown in the same colors, and genes whose positions are not conserved in the species examined are shown in white.

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