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Figure 3

From: Pleistocene glacial cycle effects on the phylogeography of the Chinese endemic bat species, Myotis davidii

Figure 3

Graphic derived from the program STRUCTURE. We repeated the Bayesian clustering analysis with STRUCTURE and assigned individuals into clusters at values of K beyond the number considered to maximize the posterior probability and reconstruct the hierarchical relationship among populations. Each individual is represented by a vertical line which is partitioned into K colored segments, the length of each color being proportional to the estimated membership coefficient. Black lines separate individuals of different populations as indicated by the labels at the bottom of the figure. Graphical represented clusters for samples in the Middle East Plain, Southwest Plateau and South Hills. Each individual is depicted by a horizontal line, which is partitioned into K colored sections. Labels above the figure indicate the three lineages (MEP, SWP and SH) based on ML tree.

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